A Haven of Inspiration and Motivation

A Haven of Inspiration and Motivation

Hello everyone, I am absolutely thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of you as we launch CoachMindyStore.com.

This venture is more than just an online shop – it’s a space that embodies motivation, perseverance, and most importantly, the power of your ‘why’. As an experienced weight loss coach, I’ve learned the immense impact motivation can have on our journey towards achieving our goals. Our unique ‘why’, the personal reason that drives us towards our goals, is the essence of every step we take towards success. And so, with a mission to instill this essential motivation, Remember My Why™ came into being.

Our products are more than just items - they are carefully crafted reminders of your ‘why’. From necklaces and bracelets to notepads and pencils, each item is designed with the intention of keeping you connected to your personal ‘why’. By incorporating our products into your daily routine, we hope you’ll find inspiration and the motivation you need to stay on your unique path.

We aim to foster an environment that goes beyond the transactional. We want our web store to be a place you return to frequently, not just for our products, but also for the motivation and inspiration that we strive to share.

Our blog will be an integral part of this vision. Here, you will find a variety of posts, from product announcements to motivational tips. We will update our blog with content to inspire you, encourage you, and remind you of the power and importance of your ‘why’.

In our community, we cherish and celebrate every step towards achieving our goals, no matter how small. We want you to feel welcomed,  and empowered every time you visit us. Your progress, your story, your ‘why’ matters, and we’re here to celebrate that with you.

So, whether you’re on a weight loss journey, striving for a professional goal, or working towards personal growth, we welcome you with open arms to our community of goal getters. We hope that Remember My Why™ becomes a regular part of your journey--a place where you draw inspiration.

Stay tuned for more exciting content, fresh product launches, and a dose of motivation. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

Remember, you are not alone, and your ‘why’ is worth every step.

Stay motivated and inspired,

Coach Mindy