8 Easy Tips to Seize The Fun In Weight Loss

8 Easy Tips to Seize The Fun In Weight Loss

Weight loss and fun just do not seem to go together. If we seize the fun in weight loss, we can increase the likelihood of reaching and maintaining our weight loss goals. Here are 8 tips to help you begin:

1. Seize The Fun in your weight loss mindset

Weight loss begins in the mind. Do you see dieting as punishment, misery and deprivation or, can you turn that around and seize the fun from trying new healthy foods, recipes, and cooking techniques?  Do you focus on past diet failures, mistakes, and derailments or are you ready to seize the fun and become a healthy eating warrior?

2. Seize The Fun in trying new, delicious, healthy foods and substitutions.

Increase the likelihood of your weight loss success by trying some amazing, delicious, filling, fun foods and substitutions such as:

  • Cauliflower Rice
  • Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)
  • Jicama
  • Fennel
  • Watermelon
  • Radishes
  • Lettuce tacos, wraps, and sandwiches 
  • Cauliflower Mash 
  • Cauliflower Steaks 
  • Angel Hair Cabbage Noodles

3. Seize The Fun while purchasing your food.

Do you view food shopping as a boring chore? Why not seize the fun in this activity? Read package labels. Search for the best choices. Enjoy the beauty and variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables. Look for new products. Explore and enjoy the market. If you are in need of vegetable inspiration, a Farmer’s Market is the place to go. It is easy to seize the fun, beauty, and flavor of vegetables at a Farmer’s Market!

4. Seize The Fun in trying new healthy & simple recipes. 

There are many wonderful opportunities to find new, novel, and fun healthy recipes. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, magazines—recipes galore. All we need to do is search, try, and seize the fun in trying new healthy recipes.

Oftentimes we get overwhelmed by doing and trying too many “things” at the same time. Have you ever gone food shopping, brought home lots of wonderful vegetables, had fabulous intentions, and then had to throw away many of your purchases because they spoiled?  We have great intentions, but sometimes we get overwhelmed. What’s the solution? Keep it simple. I really mean that. Simple, uncomplicated, healthy, flavorful recipes.

Delicious and healthy can be simple. And, simple is good and fun!

5. Seize The Fun in restaurant eating.

Restaurant eating can be fun. Research healthy restaurants. Make it a game to find healthy and delicious food choices. Be non-traditional. Order appetizers instead of an entrée. Can’t find a salad or appetizer you like—not a problem. Look at the “side” section of the menu.

Consider new foods! Recently, instead of a hamburger, I tried a bison burger—and I liked it a lot! Sandwich shops make lettuce wraps, as do some burger restaurants. Ever have chicken lettuce wrap tacos? Amazingly delicious and very fun!

6. Seize The Fun and just buy one. 

Simple things become more special and fun, when you use something that’s special. Drink water from a beautiful glass. Fun and pleasure can be found in something as small as a coffee mug.

For years, I have said—have fun, just buy one! I find drinking water more enjoyable in a beautiful glass. I do not need to buy service for 8 or 12, but I certainly can just buy one special glass. And, that is exactly what I do. The glasses do not match—that’s perfectly fine. Same thing with my coffee mugs. Each is meaningful and special to me. I enjoy using them. I seize the fun, and just buy one!

7. Seize The Fun in the benefits of weight loss.

We know that maintaining a healthy weight is important for good health. But, it can be important to seize and celebrate the fun benefits of weight loss too. These benefits can be visible and help motivate us. For example:

  • Wearing the clothes we want to wear, as opposed to the clothes we have to wear.  Sitting on the floor and playing with our family.
  • Having more self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishing a goal.
  • Looking better and feeling more attractive.
  • Not being embarrassed when a photograph is taken.
  • Having fun shopping and wearing stylish clothes.
  • Feeling better when looking in a mirror or window reflection.
  • Not “hiding” in coats, sweaters, or big clothes.
  • Looking forward to and wanting to go to social events.

Make a list of the fun benefits you would like to accomplish with weight loss.

8.  Seize The Fun in cooking.

Take a healthy cooking class—regardless if you are a master chef or novice. We can always learn new techniques and recipes. Hopefully the class will inspire you with some new ideas. 

Healthy cooking does not need to be complicated. Healthy fresh ingredients, simply prepared can be very delicious. Discuss healthy cooking recipes and techniques with friends. Cooking parties are fun. Host one. Let a friend host another the next time. There are book clubs—start a healthy cooking club. 

The more you learn, cook, and share—the more comfortable you will be in the kitchen. Seize the fun in cooking!!